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Vintage on Tap Mid-2017 Updates!

So many updates, so little time!

In this week’s video, I break down all the updates that I have coming up for the second half of the year- of which there are PLENTY! In this post I’ll give you a little bit more information about what I discuss¬†ūüėČ

Vintage on Tap Updates, New Posting Schedule

New Video Release Schedule

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you know that my posting schedule is all over the place. This is actually something that totally grinds my gears– and as a Virgo, makes me feel like I’m doing an awful job. Starting next week, I’m planning on releasing videos and content on a more consistent posting schedule. Its all a work in progress, though, so hang in there with me!

What does that mean?

That means that every Tuesday you should see an update from me on this blog featuring either a fitting video or a completed project video! I’ll be rotating through those, back to back, depending on what I’m working on.

Also, if you’re currently subscribed to me on YouTube, you’ll see a technique-focused video every Thursday. Videos on Thursday will specifically cover specific sewing techniques or tips on a single subject, just to expand your sewing skills as a whole and get something to try out over the weekend. If you have a technique you’d like covered, definitely leave a comment below or on the YouTube channel comments.

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Vintage on Tap on Patreon, coming soon!

Patreon, Coming Soon!

Yes, you read that correctly!

I’ve been playing with the idea in my mind for a few months and I’ve decided to finally pull the trigger. I’m still in the process of getting the website set up, but I’ve got some big plans for Patreon Only videos, based on the requests I receive from all over the sewing internet and some of those include:

  • One on One sewing help
  • Project and pattern consultations
  • Voting on projects¬†for me to make on the YouTube channel
  • Vintage on Tap gifts and exclusive vintage inspired novelty fabrics I design for my followers
  • Behind the scenes stuff

Of course, by following the blog and following me on any other channel you’ll still receive the great content you’re used to getting from me, but I wanted to be able to do additional videos and begin to offer services for the people who’ve asked. Plus, if you’re ¬†skipping ads on every video on YouTube (like me), you can also chip in a dollar if you want to help support what Jose and I are doing¬†ūüėä

Vintage on Tap, Flags of the World Dress Challenge

The Flags of the World Dress Challenge

I make no effort to hide that I love.themed.challenges. I’m awful at doing photo challenges on Instagram, but rallying behind a dress theme? I’m there!

I’ll be partnering up with Akram (Akram’s Ideas), Judith Dee (Judith Dee’s Creations) and Renata (Running N Style) to participate in the Flags of the World Dress Challenge! Thinking about participating? Check out the details below:

  • Create one dress or garment to be debuted the first week of July
  • Dress must be inspired by your home country’s flag!
  • Use hashtags #4thofJulyProudDressProject and #FlagsoftheWorldDressProject for us to check out
  • Be entered to win a 50$ giftcard from LA Finch Fabrics!


That Sewing Blab Interview, June 20th

Being asked for an interview on That Sewing Blab is such an honor and just amazing. I can’t wait to be online live with¬†Dawn Pengelly¬†and Alethis Hudson on their online sewing show to discuss sewing, my projects, and the blog. If you’re subscribed to the newsletter, I’ll be sending out an email update to my Newsletter Subscribers on the day of so you can watch the livestream!

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Vintage on Tap Updates!

Mystery Partnership

I’ve saved the most exciting thing for last!

Unfortunately I can’t share too many details about this, but I can definitely say that this partnership is with a company you already know and love and it’ll be a way for you to get to view new products first!

That’s all I can reveal for now– more info about this in July!

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