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Completed: Butterick B5895

Butterick B5895, back view | @vintageontap

Butterick B5895, enjoying the sunshine | @vintageontap

Butterick B5895, sewed a matching summer set | @vintageontap

Beautiful street art in the Mission | @vintageontap

Butterick B5895, side view| @vintageontap

Butterick B5895, back view | @vintageontap

Butterick B5895, RIP Prince | @vintageontap

Eclair Bandersnatch Graffiti artwork | @vintageontap

Button close up of Butterick B5895 | @vintageontap

Back of Butterick B5895, matching dirndl and top set | @vintageontap

Completed Butterick B5895 summer set | @vintageontap

Liked it so much, had to make Butterick B5895 twice!

I absolutely love this little top! I never anticipated falling in love with a crop top, but when I made Butterick B5895 last year, it blew me away. Unfortunately, last year I never really blogged about it, even though I started a draft.

As all other reviews of this sewing pattern have stated, the bodice is super short! This worked out great for me since my torso is equally as short and this bodice ends at my natural waist line. For those of you with a normal torso length, beware!

When tracing out the pattern pieces, take care of all circle markings and note them well on your fabric.  These circles are where the seam allowances intersect for the collar. Every single circle must match up– over 5 layers. I find it also very curious how much clipping is called for at such a high stress point- so much so that if the circle markings don’t line up, there can be a hole under the collar. Fortunately, the hole isn’t visible, but its there nonetheless if the circles don’t line up.

For this reiteration of Butterick B5895 I also made a matching dirndl skirt like I made a while back, lengthening it by 2.5in. I wanted this set to have a “resort” feeling to it and I’ve always wanted to have a matching set!

The fabric was fun, too. I found it at one of the local shops and its a comfortable, breathable cotton lawn. And the hat in the above pictures is from Goorin Brothers- which I don’t get to wear very often, but was great for the photoshoot! The weather in San Francisco has been jumping from hot to cold for the past couple weeks and luckily, this project matched up on an 80*F (26*C) day.


  1. Barbara Barbara

    Someone with similar interests is A Vintage Vanity on YouTube. Check her out. She makes fabulous 50s circle skirts.

    • I love A Vintage Vanity! I’ve been following her videos for quite some time. She’s definitely one of my favorite YouTube stars– seems super approachable, friendly, and down to Earth.

  2. You look lovely in this outfit! Great fabric and those buttons are perfect!

    • Thank you! The buttons I was able to recycle from a Me Made that never worked out- I’m surprised it took at least 4 years to be able to reuse them!

  3. Such a pretty matching set. It has worked beautifully and is such a fun look! I am obsessed with matching sets, something about them makes me want to frolic on holiday with nothing particular to do.

    • I agree absolutely! I know matching sets aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I love them regardless. I can’t see myself wearing either piece on their own, either– they’re definitely a pair!

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