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How to Sew a Robe: The Seamwork Almada video tutorial

How to sew a robe, the Spring Seamwork Almada Robe | @vintageontap

If you were curious about how to sew a robe, this video tutorial is perfect for you.

Working on a string of tricky projects always makes me want to turn my eye to something light, airy, and comfortable. And no matter your sewing level, stitching up the Seamwork Almada robe is simple and quick.

The Almada robe is a Seamwork Magazine pattern that was released as part of their Intimates issue in 2016. Its comfortable kimono-style makes it a quick make and a nice lounging piece.

This robe is comfortable and it would also work just as well in a light flannel for cuddling up on the couch when its cold out!

Enjoying a glass of wine in my Spring Seamwork Almada Robe, learn how to sew a robe with this post! | @vintageontap

Using a seam ripper on my Alamada Robe, learn how to sew a robe with this post | @vintageontap

I sewed this kimono robe with a smooth poly/rayon satin.

I picked this blend specifically for its washing ease and soft print, which for it being a “home” piece, was absolutely paramount. The bias binding trim was self-made from 100% silk, which gives the robe a great pop of color, though the original pattern doesn’t include this trim. Instead, the original pattern uses the bias band as an interior bias facing, but I decided to skip it since the trim is more fun! I covered this section in my video tutorial at 0:48 and more in depth at 3:17.

Luxe sewing details are always a fun thing to incorporate when you’re considering how to sew a robe, and I decided to add piping on the sleeve hem, since it seemed to make sense with the silk bias band. I go over this in depth at 4:02 in the robe sewing video.

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Or, buy the pattern as a standalone by clicking here.

Wine afternoon in my Seamwork Almada Robe | @vintageontap

Wine afternoon in my Seamwork Almada Robe video tutorial | @vintageontap

Learning how to sew a robe of this fabric type requires a few extra steps.

Because of the fabric, I opted for french seams throughout to completely cut down on the unraveling issues. For the hem, I did a simple rolled hem with a rolled hem foot I didn’t realize I’ve had for years!

I also made sure to use only sewing needles and pins that would be maintain the integrity of the fabric, which meant satin-grade pins and thin sewing machine needles.

Ukulele love with Seamwork's Almada Robe | @vintageontap

Sewing Spring Seamwork Alamada Robe | @vintageontap

Curious about my sewing tools? Click below!

Recommended Sewing Tools by Vintage on Tap

Learn how to sew a robe, have a completed Seamwork Almada Robe! | @vintageontap

This Seamwork pattern didn’t stitch up in the suggested time, but I’m very well aware it was because I did some extra work.

Depending on the type of look you’re going for with sewing this robe, it can stitch up in the approximated 2 hours. Had I decided to make this in a simple woven fabric and just pinked all the seams, this could have been done in the span of a good movie.

The most complicated thing about this pattern was just the process of trying to wrangle the fabric to stay put when I was cutting it out, which had more to do with the poly/rayon than the pattern.

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Completed Seamwork Almada Robe | @vintageontap

Completed Seamwork Almada Robe, learn how to sew this robe! | @vintageontap

I’ve all ready started to wear this robe every day since I stitched it up; its part of my at home “uniform!”

I recommend this robe if you’re looking to start building up a self sewn wardrobe because its absolutely essential before bed or for early morning coffee. When you’re starting your day and catching up on Instagram (which by the way, are you following me on IG?), this makes for a quick cover up.

Completed Seamwork Almada Robe | @vintageontap

If you want to learn how to sew a robe, you’ll be super pleased with this sewing pattern.

The loose, comfortable design has made it my go-to piece when I wake up in the morning and right before I go to sleep. I definitely recommend you make it ASAP and check out the video above if you want a tutorial of the process!

Making matching underwear to this robe is a total must. For example, why not make a pair of sexy underwear to go with your new robe? 

How to sew underwear, made with the Seamwork Geneva pattern | Vintage on Tap

Cute pair of undies and matching robe? Gorgeous! (Click here to learn how to sew these panties!)

And don’t forget, get $3 off your first month of Seamwork Magazine by clicking on this link!

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How to Sew a Robe, The Seamwork Almada | Vintage on Tap

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  1. I’m hugely in to nightwear at the moment. This little dressing gown is very chic and effortless. Perfect for lounging!

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