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September 2016 Sewing Pinup Haul

Urban Decay, Kat Von D, vintage earrings, September 2016 Sewing Pinup Haul | @vintageontap

Couple vintage-style purses purchased at Goodwill, September 2016 Sewing Pinup Haul | @vintageontap

Collection of vintage patterns from the Vintage Fashion Fair, September 2016 Sewing Pinup Haul | @vintageontap

Simplified Systems of Sewing and Styling vintage books from 1948, September 2016 Sewing Pinup Haul | @vintageontap

Vintage fur trimmed wool coat, purchased at the Vintage Fashion Fair, September 2016 Sewing Pinup Haul | @vintageontap

My September 2016 Sewing Pinup Haul was a vintage dream!

I’m so happy with everything I was able to pick up this month! The past few months haven’t been filled with as many vintage goodies as I was able to find on my adventures in September and this haul more than made up for it!

Vintage shopping specifically is also a good reminder of how many places are cash only and for me, a major annoyance. As much as Cash is King, when it comes to shopping I am super San Francisco/techie about it: I want to pay for everything with my phone! The cash only issue was unfortunately a deterrent in me making some purchases at the San Francisco Vintage Expo, which was a super bummer.


Items I picked up in September that can be purchased online are below

Kat Von D Lock-it Setting Powder : Wow wow wow. For someone with dry skin like mine, this is super light weight and works beautifully. Set my make up like crazy. Now if only I can find a small container to preserve the product…?

Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray: Still on the fence about it. I do like how when worn over my setting powder it livens it up a little bit and makes me look like less of a powder cake. I haven’t attempted doing my makeup yet without the spray, so haven’t had a chance to do a before and after.

Simplified Systems of Sewing and Styling: Prices from these books are all over the place! I paid 2.50$ per pamphlet, 20$ total for my set. I’m missing the final 2 pamphlets so might have to bite the bullet and pay the inflated prices on eBay at some point.


October might be a light month for me haul-wise as any discretionary funds will probably be spent on nothing but luscious winter fabrics. It’s starting to get cold in San Francisco and I’m excited for it!

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  1. Now that’s what I call a haul!!! Amazing finds! High 5!!!

    • Hahaha thanks! Can’t wait to start using all of it 😊

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