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Vintage on Tap Sewing Blog, Behind the Scenes

Retro styling for the Colette Patterns Jasmine blouse, sewn by Bianca from Vintage on Tap

I joke with Jose about how working on the Vintage on Tap sewing blog feels like screaming out into the void, without anyone on the other side.

Dramatic! (I know!)

I speak about it occasionally on my Instagram— that when I write a post, or film a video, it’s like taking a piece of myself, putting it in a little paper boat, and setting it off into the ocean. If it sinks or sails, who knows. But I cared a lot about that little piece of myself, and hope it does well, and hope there’s someone on the other side of the world who gets to see it come to shore safely.

Honestly, I’m sure there are segments of my audience who might feel that way from time to time. The screaming into the void part, especially with the ways of the Internet.

Bianca Santori from the pinup and retro sewing blog, Vintage on Tap

When I get the occasional email from a YouTube or Instagram follower who says, “Starstruck!” or “OMG I watch all your videos!” it takes me aback, to be honest. I’m humbled by it, but at the same time in awe of the person on the other side.

That they picked up my little paper boat, they liked the little piece of myself that they found, they took it into their heart, and saw value in it. I’m consistently shocked and humbled by my audience. I’m thankful.

Seamwork Magazine article for the Callahan Pants | Vintage on Tap

After being a sewing blogger on and off for years, I originally stumbled on Colette Patterns when I fell in love with the different versions of their Violet blouse.

I bought the pattern, bought what I assumed was the appropriate fabric (voice over: it wasn’t), and made myself a blouse. I loved it, even with all its sewing imperfections.

But since then, I’ve been a fan of Colette Patterns, their mission, and the community that they’ve embraced and grown through their work and expansion into Seamwork Magazine.

When I was contacted a few months back about becoming a Seamwork Ambassador, I had that same feeling of awe. “Who? Me?”

If I could have turned and pointed at myself from my laptop, I would have. This company- which I had loved for years, who I had admired for being female run, and which operated like a startup (as an SF woman in tech, I say YEY!)– was contacting me to advocate for their business? It was a no brainer to sign up.

The Colette Jasmine blouse, sewn sleeveless for the end of summer | Vintage on Tap

Heck, the moment that Seamwork Magazine was announced, I signed up. Immediately.

My audience values my honesty and I’m 100% willing to say Seamwork has a way to go for their business model and products. There are plenty of articles out there (even from sewing friends of mine!) who have legit criticisms about Colette Patterns and (by extension) Seamwork Magazine. I see all their points and I take all their points.

As an ambassador, I hear you! And heck, even as an ambassador, I’m extremely particular about their patterns and whether or not they fit into my lifestyle! Still, I’m still proud to say that I love what the founder, Sarai, and her team have built. I admire it.

Bianca Santori from Vintage on Tap Sewing Blog

As part of the Vintage on Tap behind the scenes, Jose and I discuss where the sewing world, as a whole, is moving.

How is the industry moving into the future, how is it going to survive as Millennials hand the reigns over to Gen-Z creatively, how does sewing modernize?

When we conceptualized our videos, we wanted to make it a point to be prepared and be flexible to go that way, too. Colette Patterns and Seamwork Magazine, to us, feel like they’re leading the way in that direction. Even with stumbles along the way, they’re doing that. And Jose and I love that as industrious tech people.

Being featured in the October 2018 issue of Seamwork Magazine is kind of a big deal for me. It’s one of those moments I genuinely know that I’m not screaming out into the void; that there is someone I admire on the other side who picked up my little paper boat and saw it for what it was.

To read the Vintage on Tap sewing feature in Seamwork Magazine, click the link or image below:

Vintage on Tap featured on Seamwork Magazine

Bianca Santori from Vintage on Tap sewing blog

Bringing fresh perspective on sewing, pattern drafting, sewing self esteem, and caring for the things we produce with our hands is somewhere Vintage on Tap overlaps with Seamwork Magazine.

Especially as society continues to move towards decreasing consumerism, caring for the environment, caring more for the effects of globalism in the clothing industry– making sewing approachable and modern becomes painfully important.

Sewing blogger, behind the scenes shots | Vintage on Tap

Sewing today does not fit the stereotypes of it being an “old lady activity.”

Sewing today is fun, it’s engaging, and it breeds a global community where someone like me, can reach someone like you, through a series of internet pipes. That’s ultimately the engine that powers all the work that happens behind the scenes.

Neither of us has to scream into the void. The sewing videos and tutorials that appear on Vintage on Tap make don’t have to sink into the ocean: you get to watch them at home.

If you’re not already subscribed to Seamwork Magazine, please click the link or image below:

Sign up for Seamwork Magazine!

You’ll get $3 off your first month, and you can check out their catalog of patterns to see if any of them speak to you!


If you’re a fan of projects that appear on the Vintage on Tap sewing blog, you’ll find Seamwork Magazine patterns and tutorials below:

Thinking of dipping your toe into sewing? Learn how to sew a wrap top with this tutorial! | Vintage on Tap

The Seamwork Kristin wrap top, featured in the Behind the Scenes video of this post. Perfect for a weekend getaway and one of those rewarding projects you want to make over and over again.

Vintage-inspired sewing, the Seamwork Camden cape with full vintage style | Vintage on Tap

The Seamwork Camden cape, voted on by my Patreon supporters. This cape is super easy to make and there are so many options to upgrade its different aspects, including making bound buttonholes or even adding a facing/lining combo!

Spring Seamwork Alamada Robe | @vintageontap

The Seamwork Almada Robe, easily my most worn Me Made to this day. Perfect for those early mornings or just out of a long luxurious bath. I made mine in a polyester satin, but it would also be amazing in a warm and yummy flannel for the cooler months.

Bianca Santori from Vintage on Tap, a sewing blog dedicated to inspiring you to learn how to sew

The blouse photographed in this blog post is the Colette Jasmine, which is also available for download with your Seamwork subscription.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links :)

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