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The Vintage Vogue V9280 Sewing Series!

I’m happy to announce my new video series, collaborating with McCall’s Pattern Company!

My continuing collaboration with McCall’s features the newest release, Vintage Vogue V9280, originally released in 1948.

From the Vogue Patterns website:

Close fitting dress has front princess seams, inverted pleat at center back and detachable collar and sleeve facing.

Breaking it down, the piece is all the glamour and fashion of the late 1940s, including shoulder pads, side closure, bell sleeves, and full retro detailing all along the interior. 


Vintage Inspired Coatdresses, inspiration for V9280 | Vintage on Tap

Coat dresses are absolutely fabulous!

Living between the shape and structure of a coat– and the ease and comfort of a dress, coat dresses are quintessentially vintage inspired. Kate Middleton rocks them on a regular basis and finding vintage patterns for these sorts of designs is relatively easy.

I’ve gone ahead and collected more inspiration images over on Pinterest, if you’re looking for more examples of this sort of design.

The main thing to consider with this sort of garment is that the fabric makes all the difference.


Vintage Vogue V9280 video series, breaking down the sewing and fitting process for easy sewing! | Vintage on Tap


This Vintage Vogue V9280 video series will break down the sewing process!

Similarly to my McCall’s M7625 Video Series, this series will include three videos:

  1. Fitting video, breaking down potential fitting concerns
  2. Technique video, deep diving into one specific technique that applies to this pattern
  3. Sewing video, going step by step through the sewing process


For reference, these are my measurements:

  • Bust: 41in/104cm
  • Waist: 33.5in/85cm
  • Hips: 42.5in/108cm
  • Torso Length: 15in/38cm
  • Height: 5’2″/157cm


Please note: Not all pattern adjustments I make will be applicable to all people. However, I will be using mine throughout the process to give people an idea of potential hurdles and potential adjustments to attempt. Even if you don’t match my measurements, the video will definitely help get you in the mindset for pattern adjustments.


Sewing Vintage Vogue V9280 video series! This series breaks down the fitting and sewing process for this 1940s piece | Vintage on Tap

With all that said, for this series I’ll be writing a few sewing compendiums!

These compendiums will be a few short emails that give additional details about the pattern that are written to be short and useful if you’re sewing this piece.

Emails will include fitting tips if you’re taller/shorter/curvier/less busty than me and fabric suggestions above the ones I mention in my upcoming videos, including sourcing resources.


To receive the compendium, please fill out the form below!:

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How to Sew Retro Clothing - Vintage Vogue 9280 Sewing Walkthrough | Vintage on Tap


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Sewing Vintage Vogue V9280 video series! This series breaks down the fitting and sewing process for this 1940s piece | Vintage on Tap


Thank you, McCall’s Pattern Company, for making this video series possible!

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  1. Carrie Carrie

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ these vintage patterns! Love seeing so many like styles on PBS’ The Collection! I’m in love!😍

    • Thanks so much for recommending the show on YouTube the other day! I really have to look into it- need good shows to add to my binge watching list 😉

  2. Sarah Jane Sarah Jane

    Hi Bianca I cannot wait to see you demonstrate the fabulous V9280 Coat Dress and as for the Cclette Penny Dress that Pattern will be with me hopefully by next week so I can watch the video on how to make the Colette Penny Dress. I am so excited look forward to watching you and explaining step by step.
    I must say you are a fantastic blogger and I am so happy you take the time to email me and let me know what you are going to make next bravo happy sewing Bianca till next time x

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Sarah! I’m so happy that the videos really help out and that they get to be a little bit of an additional sewing resource ❤️!!! And definitely reach out via email if you have any questions over the videos I’ve made or any patterns I’ve featured.

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