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Video: The McCalls 7168 Swim Suit

Sewing McCalls 7168 Swim Suit | @vintageontap

Looking around the Sutro Bath ruins in my pinup bathing suit, Sewing McCalls M7168 | @vintageontap

Can I share how long McCalls 7168 Swim Suit actually took me to make?

And it wasn’t even about issues with the pattern itself! This suit spent a solid 18 days at my sewing table, asking¬†to be made. As you can see in my YouTube video, there were several outfit changes during the entire process: a little work done here, a little work done there. Had I actually sat down and applied myself, M7186 could have been done within a weekend and have been ready for the San Francisco Pride Parade! Same could be said about the video, too; it was a huge hurdle to get it up and out there!

You can’t rush a project, though: in 15 years at the sewing pedal I’ve learned a project will take as long as its going to take.

The McCalls 7168 swim suit was covered in last week’s photoshoot post and the above video really dives into what it was like to sew swimwear for the very first time. I experienced issues with the sewing needle, getting the machine settings just right, and overall, fighting with the elastic which I just didn’t buy enough of. If I were to make this bathing suit again, I know I would be a lot more prepared. I’m just happy and thankful that the fabric and design were so forgiving and that I don’t feel an ounce self conscious wearing this killer pinup suit!

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  1. Carolyn Carolyn

    I loved your video and I love your suit, you look beautiful in it!

  2. That suit looks like it was made for you, no pun intended. Seriously though, what a great job and I love your fabric choice.

  3. You look incredible in this swim suit! And it is great to see how the fabrics handles in the video and how it moulds to the body when worn. I do fancy trying to sew up a swimsuit myself as I just don’t like the modern ones and the repro ones need to be ordered online, I really think a swim suit should be tried before its is bought, as it looks awful if it cuts you wrong. The fit of yours is spot on, and looks super supportive too!

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