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How to Sew Simplicity 1364, Video Tutorial!

Simplicity 1364, How to Sew Video | Vintage on Tap

The difference between View A and View B of Simplicity 1364 might look slight, but the styles behave very differently in fabric.

To be quite honest, I have mixed feelings about this top.

If you’re embarking on sewing this blouse, I have to be honest about all these conflicting thoughts. On one hand, I think its quite a comfortable, easy sew. On the other hand, the long sleeve version left a lot to be desired.

If I were to make this again, I would stick to the sleeveless version (View B.)

How to Sew Simplicity 1364 video tutorial | Vintage on Tap

The problem with Simplicity 1364 came down to one thing:  the 1960s cut just didn’t agree with me.

If you had the opportunity to watch my fitting video about this blouse, everything seemed to be going fine.

After doing some pattern drafting magic, I was able to get a nice and comfortable, wearable fit on the bodice.

I loved how it looked and felt on me. Even the slightly too-open neck on me was passable. Heck, I thought the slightly-off-shoulder shoulder line was just “part of the style.”

The long sleeve version, though, was a reminder the placement of a seamline can sometimes make or break a pattern for my frame- and as you can see in the images, the off-the-shoulder sleeve wasn’t particularly flattering on me.

My shoulder peak is literally at the edge of the facing. And you can tell.

Add to that, but the weight of the sleeve pulls the shoulder seam down even further. I created mutton sleeves without meaning to.

Simplicity 1364, Neckline and shoulder | Vintage on Tap

I would still sew the View B version of Simplicity 1364 again.

Closing in the neckline (covered in a previous post) is a simple drafting fix and the blouse is super versatile.

The long sleeve version, probably avoiding unless I wanted to put in more time into pattern drafting.

1960s Vintage Simplicity 1364 | Vintage on Tap

If you’re tackling vintage Simplicity 1364, head my warnings above, but otherwise carry on!

Realistically speaking, the top is a comfortable beginner pattern. But, there’s room for opportunity for improvement on it, if you want to take it there.

How to Sew Simplicity 1364 video tutorial | Vintage on Tap

Step One: Bodice Darts.

If you had to do an insane FBA as I did, you may need to trim your darts after sewing and pressing. I used a rayon challis in my maroon version, and decided to leave about 5/8in seam allowance on that trim.


1960s Vintage Simplicity 1364 | Vintage on Tap

Step Two: Sleeve darts.

Darts! On sleeves! How fun is that?

You don’t often see darts on sleeves unless they’re on a sloper, but I love the small detail. Be sure to press the darts in the correct direction. Pressed down and you have a comfortable fitting sleeve. Pressed up and it  can rub against your elbow annoyingly as you move.

How to Sew Simplicity 1364 video tutorial | Vintage on Tap

Step Three: Finish with luxe details

I opted for the following “upgrades” because I love being Extra about my sewing. I hand hemmed my blouse, and whipped stitched all my seam allowances.

Also, if you have more of a curvy figure, I would definitely recommend making the waist tie– it really helps avoid the “sack” look.

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How to Sew Vintage Simplicity 1364 | Vintage on Tap

Have you considered making this blouse? Do you like the off-the-shoulder seamline? Would you adjust it, like I’m planning on doing?


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  1. Teri Teri

    Heya, in your video regarding the interfacing you mention another video. Is it possible to link this in the description or similar? I can’t find the video you are referencing and the interfacing/collar bit is what I’m currently stuck on. Thanks :)

    • Hi Teri– Do you happen to recall the video that I had mentioned? At this point my video catalog is pushing about 75 videos and I would love to be able to link it up for you.

  2. Pam Pam

    I like version b & am new to sewing. I love the fabric you chose. What type is it and where did you purchase it?

  3. Bonnie Bonnie

    I’m just wondering what happened to the sleeve caps? They’re not gathered at all on the pattern. The dropped shoulder would be fine without the gathers. A similar silhouette with the slight drop shoulder is the Paprika Onyx. I transferred the waist darts from the cropped version to the non-cropped view and it fits very well.

    • To be honest, not too sure what happened with the sleeves either haha! I took a look at some of the other versions and it seems hit or miss with the sleeve caps. I like the pattern with no sleeves, though, so I think I’m going to stick to that version of it moving forward!

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