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Video: The Retro Tiki Collab, Patterns by Gertie B6354

Sewing for the Retro Tiki Collab, Patterns by Gertie B6354 | @vintageontap

Black version of the Retro Tiki Collab piece, Patterns by Gertie B6354 | @vintageontap

Patterned version of the Retro Tiki Collab piece, Patterns by Gertie B6354 | @vintageontap

For pinup girls, Patterns by Gertie B6354 is a must have

This video features my tips for making this beautiful 3-piece ensemble reversible in both a beautiful rayon and black poly/cotton blend. Full disclosure, this video definitely took a very long time to shoot; you’ll see multiple outfit changes over the course of the video. I think all in all, it took me about a week and a half as I worked an hour here, an hour there.

The project was fun, though. Patterns by Gertie B6354 has been sitting in my pattern collection since June 2016 and it was nice to be able to pull it out so soon. There are many patterns which have been sitting in my collection for years that still haven’t seen the light of day- B6354 was put into use right away!

If you missed out on my previous post, this video was made as part of the Retro Tiki Collab with the beautiful and smart Christina from Gussets and Godets, Abi from The Crafty Pinup, and Akram from Akram’s Ideas. Please check out their individual blogs to read more about their versions of this pattern and their respective tutorials!


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