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The McCall’s M7625 Tutorial Video Series!

I admit it, I’m a little bit late updating this information on the blog. 

But let’s be real: when you’re sewing at full speed, it can be a little bit difficult to find your way to a keyboard and write it out, all official.

Hence, why there’s a video 🤷

Introducing the McCall’s M7625 Video Series!

I’m happy to announce I’ve partnered up with McCall’s Pattern Company to do a video series for their upcoming vintage pattern releases!

If you’re a regular reader of the blog, you know what I’m all about. 

I break down the sewing process, making the process less intimidating and achievable. 

McCall's M7625 Sewing Pattern | Vintage on Tap

Let’s talk about McCall’s M7625

The official McCall’s website says:

Fitted dresses have shaped front and back bodice with princess seams and sleeve variations. B: Contrast sleeve bands and collar.

The dress also features a great 1950s unpadded, rounded shoulder (stark contrast to the 1940s Butterick 6282 I was working on a couple weeks ago)

It also has a dropped skirt, which gathers and flares out a few inches down from the natural waist. The fisheye darts on the bodice are what really indicate the waist, though, so you still get that nipped-in 1950s vintage look.

Dropped waist designs are not normally my style, but taking a chance on McCall’s 7625 was definitely in the cards! Be excited for the results, everyone (I was pleasantly surprised 😉 )

For reference, my measurements are below:

  • Bust: 41in/104cm
  • Waist: 33.5in/85cm
  • Hips: 42.5in/108cm
  • Torso Length: 15in/38cm
  • Height: 5’2″/157cm

This McCall’s M7625 video series will include 3 videos

  1. How to fit (using the above measurements and the adjustments I normally have to make)
  2. How to sew a corner seam
  3. How to sew the garment

If you’re not already following me on YouTube, definitely take the time to do so! All the videos will be coming out back to back and you’ll want to know when they’re out (shhhh- there’ll be a giveaway involved!)

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All the videos are all ready to launch, so expect them all this weekend!

The partnership happened so fast, but I’m so happy to be able to share all the videos and the photoshoot within a quick period of time, so different than my normal videos! Keep an eye out on YouTube or your RSS reader (Bloglovin’ anyone?) and get all these videos in time for you to order the pattern!


Vintage McCall's M7625 Tutorial Video Series | Vintage on Tap

Click the links below to see the rest of the videos in the series:

Fitting + Full Bust Adjustment M7625

How to Sew a Corner Seam

Sewing McCall’s 7625 Video Walkthrough!


Thank you, McCall’s Pattern Company, for making this video series possible! ❤️

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