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Patterns by Gertie Butterick 6453, Video Tutorial!

Gertie Butterick 6453 Sew Along, View B sewing tutorial | Vintage on Tap

How to sew a pinup dress, Pinup Girl Clothing, Butterick B6453 | Vintage on Tap

Before we get into the meat of this post, I want to keep it 100.

The Patterns by Gertie 6453 is my new summer go-to.

Do you see how happy and glowing I am in the photos? I was feeling the Jenny Dress fantasy! In all honesty, I can’t wait to make this dress again in as many different fabrics as possible. Following the Facebook group, you can see that there are plenty of girls who feel the same and have already made 4 or 5 different versions!

For me, upcoming versions include eyelet, pinstripe, and even a border print (if I can find one I like!)

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Tips for sewing Butterick 6453, Patterns by Gertie | Vintage on Tap

Floral Patterns by Gertie, Butterick B6453 | Vintage on Tap

Butterick 6453, Patterns by Gertie | Vintage on Tap

First things first, please put in your zipper!

Gertie has a tutorial on her blog about how to put this in, and my verdict was– its an ok tutorial. Its straight forward, and at the end of the day it gets the job done.

I’m a huge fan of basting in absolutely everything in sight (would much rather “do it right” than trim corners, pun intended haha) so I followed her tutorial and added some basting into the mix.

I’ll be doing a video tutorial later on about how I put in my lapped zippers, so please subscribe to the YouTube channel if you haven’t already!

Full bust adjustment on a princess seam, tutorial Butterick 6453 | Vintage on Tap

View B of the Butterick B6453 Gertie Sew Along | Vintage on Tap

Butterick 6453, Patterns by Gertie | Vintage on Tap

Finish up the facing and strap areas.

The Patterns by Gertie instructions go into this step pretty easily, but if you are adding a lining to your facing pieces, make sure you’ve drafted them out and have them ready to go.

I also took the time to redraft my facing pieces in a previous video. This is especially important if you’ve done a crazy Full Bust Adjustment on this princess dress. Please watch the following videos if you think you might fall into this pattern drafting category:

Please note: I recommend doing a 1.5- 2 in facing. Also, you’re not required to have as curvy as a facing as I did! Please square off the bottom edge if you find it too intense to sew!

Patterns by Gertie, Butterick 6453, Jenny Dress sew along | Vintage on Tap

Vintage inspired sewing, Butterick B6453 | Vintage on Tap

Full bust adjustment on a princess seam, tutorial Butterick 6453 | Vintage on Tap

View B of the Butterick B6453 Gertie Sew Along | Vintage on Tap

Spend time finishing up the final details.

For me, final details included:

  • Attaching the facing + lining piece to the garment
  • Hand finishing the hem

Back view of Butterick B6453, A Patterns by Gertie sewing pattern | Vintage on Tap

Tips for sewing Butterick 6453, Patterns by Gertie | Vintage on Tap

I’m excited to have worked with this Patterns by Gertie design!

Its so inspired by Pinup Girl Clothing’s Jenny Dress, which is a great design, but super expensive and to be honest, I’m not as in love (as most) with the fabric design. At least with a pattern as strong as this one, I can use whatever fabric I want, again and again.

I’m not a quilting cotton sort of gal, but if I find something cute, who knows?

As I wrap up this project, I have two upcoming videos that I want to film:

Lapped Zipper Tutorial

As I said above, at the end of the day, whatever lapped zipper insertion¬†that works for you and gets the job done is 100% right. I’m more comfortable with my method, so I’ll be doing a tutorial about that.

How to Make a Self Belt Tutorial

If you watched the video, I showed two belts buckles that I want to make self belts from. The process is simple, but I’ll break it down so you can make a matching belt for this dress.

How and Why to Underline

Sewing 101 video, but I know its super important and a lot of people don’t know why and how!

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I’m absolutely looking forward to filling my closet with more Butterick 6453s– seriously, my mind is already going on a loop on how many different versions of this I want.


Are you making this pattern? Are you planning on it? What sort of print or fabric do you want to use? Leave them in the comments section below!

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  1. Do you wear a strapless bra under the dress and type and brand. I have shied away from making strappy dresses because of my full figure bras have such wide straps

    • Hello! For my dress, I did a combination of strapless bra + waist cincher. I’m currently in the market for a Merry Widow bra which might be a good solution! Even though its technically strapless, a Merry Widow would have enough boning and support in the waist area to hold up the girls and might be something to consider.

      • I have fallen in love with the Merry Widow ever since Gertie displayed here. However, unless I missed something it dies not seem to come in sizes for full-onlijegarments gals!! I went to Katie Did several times hoping I did not read correctly and there is a size for me. Did you find it? Thanks in advance for any guidance.

        • Piggy-backing on my previous comment, I’m not too familiar with the What Katie Did brands too much but at this point, I think they’re going to be something for me to try and review soon! I’ll keep you posted!

  2. Brittany Brittany

    LOVE! You look incredible in both views. I’m finishing up my first run through of this dress and can tell that I too will be using this pattern often this summer.

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment!! I’ve already been on the hunt for new fabrics. I’m debating picking up some Alexander Henry novelty fabrics just for a few fun/whacky versions :D

  3. Fabulous! I love how different these two dresses are! Both are incredible! I cheated with mine and did an invisible zipper. But I can whack in an invisible zip in 10 minutes now and the lapped one would probably take me an hour! And I think I might re do my facing too as the straps are a little wide set for my frame, but I can’t think of anything worse than unpicking my own work after finishing!

    • Oh my goodness- I HATE having to unpick garments that I deem “done.” When its done its done haha! But ya, an invisible zip is great for this dress. I might do that next time, just since I have so many extra invisible zips on hand :O!

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