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2017/2018 AMA Answers!

The time has come… for the 2017/2018 AMA!

I received so many amazing questions for this past AMA and this video was such a joy to shoot. I actually really love having a moment to shoot a video like this.

Questions included:

  • Where is my favorite place online to go fabric shopping?
  • How can we get more men sewing?
  • What’s the pattern I wish existed?
  • How big is my fabric stash?
  • …and more!

We also shouted out the lovely Joost from , where he creates free menswear PDF patterns! Please check out his website when you get an opportunity!


Want to see more questions answered? 

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2016 Ask Me Anything | Vintage on Tap



  1. GK GK

    Thanks for show how to organize patterns on Google pictures, and using IKEA boxes. You have given me new inspiration since, for me, it is not fun to sew while I have clutter. Really appreciate this information.

  2. Susie Susie

    Girl, if you think your fabric stash is small, you should see mine. I only buy fabric when I need it. So, I have very little in my stash. It mainly leftovers or fabric I saw in a craft store or thrift shop that caught my eye and was a deal. I’m very thrifty and picky about what I’ll use and what I’ll pay. I live in a vintage home with minimal storage space as well. I plan my projects ahead of time. I spend an entire day cutting out patterns and doing adjustments to the paper pattern 4-6 projects at a time. Then next day is pinning to the fabric and cutting it out. Then, I do darts. Next, I pin things, and finally start sewing. I tend to do the same type of tasks at the same time for each project. I’m doing side seams at the same time, hemming at the same time of each project, etc. Hand sewing is left to the end and I’ll watch a lot of Netflix while doing it.

    I sew based on what type of garment I want. I’ll look through vintage clothing catalogs, see something I’d like to have, and then find a pattern I can use to make something like that.

    Now, my fabric stash may be small. But, my pattern stash is different. I have a 4 drawer filing cabinet full of patterns plus a tall 6 shelf bookcase full of sewing books, many of which have patterns.

    I have a specific style and I know what I like. I won’t make or buy things out of that.

    • I absolutely am loving your approach to sewing! I admit- I’m the same when it comes to my pattern stash haha! My pattern stash EASILY rivals my fabric stash, 4:1, no problem. When I did my How to Organize Patterns video, I showed one single box of patterns– but at this point I have 6, going on 7, with plans to buy more. For me, fabric can come and go, but Out of Print Patterns bother me way more haha.

      But maybe I’ll take your approach to doing things a little bit more assembly line 🤔 I think that would be fantastic for basics, too!

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